Work with Us

Ocean Sailing Scotland relies on a trusted band of both shore and sea staff to help keep our operations running smoothly. We pride ourselves on looking after, not only the first ever Clipper Round the World Race Yacht but our crew and guests.


Skipper\First Mate

Our skippers and First Mates are the core of our trips. Preparing for and executing each trip with a professionalism exceeded only by an approach to safety they are key to the success of our voyages. Our skippers and mates will require to have at least two years experience sailing yachts in excess of 50Ft. It is especially important that their experience includes the management of crew beyond delivery situations.

Skippers and mates must retrain annually to keep abreast of developments and yacht systems. Qualification requirements will vary depending on the trip classification you are covering. Job opportunities are ongoing.


Publications Officer (Volunteer Position)

The publications officer is responsible for applying updates to our portfolio of charts and nautical publications.

With materials ranging from local chart folios to admiralty charts spanning the world's oceans it is an exciting role.  Adding on our extensive library of directions and guide books the role enjoys refreshing variety.

Add to this our electronic navigational support tools and it won't be all paper and ink!

Supported by the sea staff the role is expected to be for one day per calendar month with the option of additional days as required.

Closing Date for applications is Friday 1st December 2019