It's Another Gold - Day One

The team at Ocean Sailing Scotland are delighted to welcome our next Duke of Edinburgh Gold award expedition who joined the yacht on Scotland’s glorious West Coast. After joining the yacht on the 10 June in the afternoon the group had time to settle into life on-board. With bunks, waterproof clothing and lifejackets allocated and checked it was time for dinner and some more operational and safety briefs before planning began for day one!

Day One saw us prepare the boat after breakfast alongside completing final weather and route checks. This meant a change in plan and instead of heading North to Tobermory the weather resulted in a change of plan and we headed south to Craobh Haven. With sails unwrapped and ready to go we cast off.

Our first day saw a lot of wildlife with seals, geese and jellyfish topping the list. With the team, now split into watches keeping the boat moving and the crew fed it didn’t feel like long before we were heading through the famous sound of Luing, passing the Corryvrecken whirlpool to our right (or Starboard to be technically correct).

Berthing into Croabh Haven for the night we made it in just as the wind started to pick up. It was time to get the Spag Bol ready and start working on our knots which included the “figure Eight”, “Round turn and two half hitches” and “clove hitch” for now.

With initial planning for day two complete it was time to try and get a good night’s sleep before heading off for the second day of our practise. You can keep an eye on where we are from the “where are we” link on the website (or click here) and stay tuned here for daily updates throughout our trip.


Day One Track

It looks a bit Breezy out west, think we will stay inshore on the 12th!

It looks a bit Breezy out west, think we will stay inshore on the 12th!