Expedition Report 5 June - The dance of the Tack and Gybe

Well, our adventure, Competent Crew training and Duke of Edinburgh Gold award expedition is coming to an end. With some nice winds and a shorter distance to travel we spend Wednesday practicing our sailing skills as we left Loch Aline and headed for the west coast town of Oban.

Before we left Loch Aline though there was time to get the dinghy out and complete our rowing training which is part of our competent crew certificate. It was funny to see who was the best at rowing (backwards) without going round in a Circle.

With another beach clean completed as well in the last couple of days we have taken a decent amount of rubbish off some of Scotland’s most beautiful coastline. Arriving into Oban’s transit marina it was now time to think about all the activities we would need to do to get Taeping ready for the next group and their adventure.

With one more day to go there will be a mix of sailing, tidying, preparing and, of course, packing before we head back to our normal beds and, perhaps, a bit less snoring overnight!