Expedition Report 3-4 June, Sweet sailing to match some Sweet Scenery

I’ts been a busy couple of days on board our Ocean racing yacht. After being delayed in Port Ellen due to the higher winds we slipped lines as the winds started to ease. The direction was great for us to sail with just the two smallest sails in our wardrobe, the staysail and yankee three. With near perfect winds we hit over 10 knots at some points. Thankfully our decision to keep the mainsail down meant that when we got the odd residual gust, at one point hitting Force 8 we weren’t over powered.

Our helming skills we have learned recently also came to the fore as with just the front sails hoisted it’s a bit more work to keep the yacht going in a straight line. The 3rd June say us arriving into Craobh Haven for the night with a lot of happy faces after the great sail.

It was a more respectable departure tie on the 4th June as we left to catch the north going tide. Passing through the sound of Luing, passing the world famous Corryreckan whirlpool was certainly a lot easier going with the tide than trying to fight it! With the winds being much lighter we prepared the largest of our front sails, the Yankee One for some light wind sailing practise as we headed round the mull of Kintyre.

Arriving into Loch Aline it had been a completely different day to the previous. Great, but in a different way with lighter winds making keeping the yacht moving a bigger challenge!