Expedition Report 17th June - Our First Circumnavigation!

Firstly, lets clarify, when we say circumnavigation it’s not quite of the globe, more of the island of Kerrera! Accompanied by a seal as we slipped lines as we left Kerrera our passage plan was set to sail round the island. This would help us to better understand some of the challenges living on the island can present be viewing the coasts we couldn’t explore by foot. Mind you we soon had our own challenges as the wind built to a (not forecast) Force 8.

With all of our training working well we hoisted the main to reef three, so we had the smallest amount of mainsail raised that we could have before hoisting the staysail, the smallest of the front sails. This meant the yacht was fairly easy to control and we made excellent progress in our circumnavigation!

Completing yet more tacks we were soon back into the shelter of Oban Bay and secured to a pontoon. As part of our Duke of Edinburgh expedition aim we then headed off to explore McCaigs tower in Oban before a dinner of chicken and rice.

The 18th will see us take our Ocean Racing yacht back to port one more time as we finish this part of our expedition. Stay tuned for a final update and check our live position here.