Good Morning Reykjavik, it's been a challenge!

We have had to hide from the worst of storms Helene and Ali, take on the North Atlantic in all her fury as she made us sail to windward for most of the trip and have enjoyed some record breaking champagne sailing conditions in the last days. There is no doubt that the Icelandic Challenge (Northbound) 2018 has been just that, a challenge. Wet, Windy and Cold will feature highly in our memories along with the excitement of sailing our ocean racing yacht in the environment she was built for. As the sun rises on the 25th September our team of ocean sailors are arriving at their berth in Iceland’s Capital Reykjavik.

A yacht of tired, wet and possibly a bit bruised sailors there will be heaters to turn on and breakfast to enjoy before the crew head for some well deserved, non moving rest!

We will hear from the crew once they have had time to relax and get a good sleep.