The Upwind Reprieve!

Finally! The shift we have been waiting for. After what can only be described as a relentless upwind bash towards Iceland for what seems like endless days now the wind has finally shifted allowing for a nicer point of sail. The crew are keeping their fingers crossed this continues through the night of the 24th Sept meaning we can ease sheets and finish with a quick sail for the final hop into port.

Having beat most of the way to Iceland our hard working crew are feeling pretty beat themselves and looking forward to their arrival into Iceland’s capital for a well earned rest. So far this trip has delivered on the tough sailing, now roll on the champagne sailing we want to finish with. The crew may be seeking out the nearest hot tub when they arrive, well after some sleep.

Of course, mother nature is not going to let our team off that easily and has promised some higher winds during the last part of their trip. At least they are in a better direction and will allow our ocean sailors to point at the finish line.

In the last day though the wind hasn't been steady so there has been a lot of reefing in and out to get the best out of the boat. It has been full on ocean racing stuff, this has definately not been a cruise. It has seen some gentler weather over the last day though which meant we had a good opportunity to tidy up the crew accommodation which no longer looks like a ghetto and have a good clean of the galley.

Tough though the conditions are there have been moments of pause in the vast ocean wilderness. One crew member described a recent night sail perfectly “The night up top is delivering some spectacular sailing, trucking along well powered up, a vividly bright moon (waxing gibbous if you’re interested) beaming down across the ocean painting everything in a wonderful monochrome for as far as the eye can see. This is what we sail for.”

The shore team wish our expedition crew all the best for the final run into Iceland. you can still follow their progress via