Oban Bay Consultation - Have Your Say!

We use the Oban Bay area on Scotland's West coast quite a bit but there are concerns about it's future operation and the potential restrictions that may be placed on both leisure and commercial craft. We would encourage those who also use the Oban Bay area to complete the online survey to provide some feedback on what you think should happen.


The below is from the RYA Scotland;

The link below is to an important survey by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) regarding management of Oban Bay. CMAL, one of the partners of the Oban Bay Management Group, are proposing a Harbour Revision Order which would give them control over the whole of Oban Bay and its approaches. This has implications for all users of the Bay.


RYA Scotland feels the questionnaire has limitations and contains leading questions but it is really important that as many individuals as possible fill in the responses to ensure the boating community is represented.


The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T9RLPPL or by going to the Oban Harbour website and accessing the link from the Oban Bay Management Group page http://www.obanharbour.scot/information/oban-bay-management-group/.


There is a free text box at the end of the survey and we encourage people to use this to express any concerns they may have about the HRO or process to date, not all questions need to be completed to allow the form to be submitted.


Oban Bay is one of Scotland’s most popular destinations for the boating community.  It is also one of the busiest commercial harbours.  The North Channel entrance is narrow and has for some time been the focus of concerns on safety in the area. RYA Scotland is clear that there is an absolute need for safer management of marine traffic in Oban Bay.


The Oban Bay Management Group is leading discussions on how best to approach these challenges and RYA Scotland volunteers are working hard with the stakeholders group to ensure the voice of the boating community is included alongside that of the community of Oban Bay.


We believe the current level of engagement and the intentions of the Oban Bay Management Group are not adequately transparent and that the interests of the local community and the recreational boating community are being ignored.


RYA Scotland believes a Trust Port model for the Harbour Authority of Oban Bay, recommended in the Fisher Associates report, is the most inclusive option and will best represent the widest range of stakeholder interests but this has been dismissed by the management group without consultation.


RYA Scotland wants to ensure that all interested groups and individuals are involved in the decision about the future management of Oban Bay as any Harbour Revision Order is likely to be in effect for a long time.