Mast Out - Berthed for Winter

One of the riskiest operations we undertake during maintenance has been and gone! Taeping’s mast is safely off and parked for the winter. With a major programme of work to undertake from welding to rigging to stripping of all the component parts it’s going to be busy ashore.

With the weather forecast looking good and great work undertaken by the sea staff and our volunteer community to get the mast ready it was a short motor to the mast bay for Clipper number One. With the rain easing off as forecast it was all systems go to get the masthead instruments off and secure the lifting strop to the mast.

Of course, just as we had disconnected the last stay the wind blew up to a rather uncomfortable level for the while team. Thankfully the expertise and professionalism of the team at Kip Marina shone though and the mast was carefully hoisted clear of our Clipper 60 and swung ashore. After levelling off on the transport rig the mast was towed (yes, towed) to the southern car park.

The next task will be to strip the parts off and get underway with the work for the 2018 refiit!

Check out what’s happening during the refit with our photo gallery which can be viewed here.

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