Hanging By A Halyard!

Who says we can’t have an Indian summer, well at least for a day!

It’s been a great start to the end of season DeStow ahead of the start of our Winter refit. The first weekend in November started with driving rain showers and howling winds which topped 40 Knots deep in the shelter of Kip Marina. It’s ok though, the sea staff got on with plenty of below deck works.

Day two saw the sun beaming over the hills above Kip from first light allowing the on deck DeStow to begin. With items getting a nice soapy wash before stowing ashore we also took the opportunity to start the deep clean of the mattresses and get them on deck for a dry!

With the winter fridge onboard and microwave connected it’s beginning to feel a lot like refit time!

Last job for the first DeStow weekend was to start removing the sails. With the three yankee, Two storm and One Staysail sails all hoisted to the deck and transferred onto a pallet it was time to lock up and head home after a great weekend’s effort.

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