Boom, not Bust on week one!

Week one of our winter maintenance season saw our Essex lady getting stripped! With essentially anything that doesn’t need to be onboard being taken off our refit has got off to a great start.

With below deck works removing charts, books and electronics to the shore stores where they joined larger items like sails and the many ropes from the forward rope locker there was s frequent flow of trolleys heading up the ramp to shore.

With lifejackets off for annual service, sails packaged and palleted (two pallets no less) it was time to de-rig for the winter. Preparing for the mast coming off the final big job was to get the boom safely removed and set on the deck. This will then get lifted ashore when the mast comes off at the start of December.

It was great to welcome some new members of our volunteer team along as well and here’s hoping we can continue to see bright sunny days like those we had on week one!