Glow In The Dark....

Well, our team of ocean crossing crew have made it back to the mainland and tied up in Campbeltown for a night. It’s back to electric heaters, dehumidifiers and mobile internet! This was not before mother nature had a fitting reward for the team who survived all she threw at them during their ocean passage. As the last night sail of the trip was being undertaken some dolphins appeared around the yacht. Disturbing the phytoplankton in the ocean as they played around our yacht they appeared to almost “Glow in the Dark”.

While there have been many memorable challenges from this trip it is likely to be the last night sail which lingers the longest in our crew’s memories.

The team plan to head back to Taeping’s home port of Kip on Sunday, hopefully enjoying a nice sail in the Clyde Estuary with some favorable winds. The crew will then be tasked with a clean and tidy up of their temporary home for one last time before they depart for home comforts.

Want to see what it has been like for the team on their Icelandic adventures? Taeping will be open for tours during Scotland’s boat show from the 12 - 14 October 2018 at Kip Marina. There is no charge for entry and Taeping is open every day of the show.

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