Dodging Missiles

Well, after a great stop at Sk. Kilda its been back to sailing our Clipper 60 ocean racing yacht with a new and rather unusual challenge! After waking up to the wonderful Village Bay the team did their usual checks on the boat, weather and sea area.

It turned out that the Hebrides live firing range were planning to, well, live fire! This meant that we were moving from avoiding storms to avoiding shells! Route planed it was time to depart and track outside the planned area of activity. No need to ask us twice!

What then followed has been a great day of sailing down the West Coast of the outer Hebrides. With the weather much more friendly now the crew have been making steady progress towards their next challenge, the Mull of Kintyre (Now, get the tune out of your head).

With the team just off Islay on Saturday morning it won’t be long before they round the Mull and enter the waters of the Clyde and settle into a different pace for their final couple of days.

Keep an eye on progress as the team tick off yet another sailing Todo on Taeping at