Whisky or Wilderness?

Well, the crew onboard Taeping continue to make great progress towards Scotland’s west coast. It won’t be long before the rolling North Atlantic swell gives way to the sight and smell of land. The toughest question now for the team will be what to do with the extra time they have?

After some enjoyable training in one of Iceland’s’ Fjords our ocean passage has delivered a bit of everything so our team are well deserving of a couple of days exploring some of Scotland’s finest sailing areas. Perhaps dropping in at a distillery or two or simply exploring some of Scotland’s finest wilderness stopping at night, of course.

After the wind shifted as forecast on the 3rd October the crew were able to return their heading to a good course and make great progress towards Scotland. At the time of writing Taeping is heading for the Outer Hebrides and will pass fairly close to the unesco dual world heritage site of St. Kilda. I wonder if they will be tempted for a stop to take in the amazing atmosphere of the archipelago.

With winds due to build again on the 4th - 5th October the North Atlantic will again remind our team who is in charge. Of course, this next system isn’t forecast to be anywhere near the strength of the one the team saw at the start of the trip so our ocean sailors should be able to take it in their stride.

Follow our adventurers as they complete the final section of their ocean crossing, a journey they are sure to remember at track.taepingclipper.co.uk