Aaaaannnnd Relax!!

Well, we knew the first couple of days of our ocean passage were going to be the most challenging, but it was an even bigger relief than some of the crew thought when the sun came out on Tuesday! Since then and the easing of conditions the team on Taeping have been having some great open ocean sailing at a much more respectable pace.

The weather has eased and wind direction shifted over the last 24 hours which has meant Taeping has been heading on a course which is essentially aimed at getting into a good position for when the wind shifts back into our favor. This, we hope will come through during the afternoon of 3rd October. We haven’t, honestly decided to head for the Faroe’s. That will have to wait for the 2019 season!

The last day has also seen the team perform routine inspections, some running repairs and even undertake cleaning and tidying below decks!

With the weather looking like continuing to be favorable and no more storms forecast the team are settling in for the remainder of their ocean adventure back to Scotland.

We expect the team to turn back onto their preferred track towards Scotland sometime on the third October when the wind shifts. Keep up to date with their progress at