It's a bit early for Sleigh Riding!

What a start to our Icelandic Challenge (Southbound). The team have seen winds, albeit in a favorable position for heading to Scotland, exceed the forecast resulting in some busy conditions overnight.

After the challenging conditions getting round the South West corner of Iceland the crew had a short respite before the winds picked up making conditions uncomfortable at times. There has been some fast sailing and some sleigh riding down the ocean swell. After our smallest sail took a bit of damage the team have switched to the heavy duty version and continue to make good speed in exactly the right direction. If they keep this up they may have time for a Scottish Whisky tour before arriving back into port!

With a lot of the team getting their sea legs and the weather due to ease on the 2nd October our intrepid adventurers could find themselves with little or no wind by the time the day is out! Mother Nature’s little rest will be a mere tease though as the winds are forecast to return on 3rd October. Thankfully though they are not forecast to be as strong as the last couple of days.

With great progress made so far the team have also insured that they will be far enough south to stay clear of the storm system which is forecast to come through to the Iceland sea area on the 3rd October.

Now, who’s turn is it to make the cuppa!!

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